We’re Here Now

We are currently exhibiting our Neuroscience work in Castle Quay shopping centre in Banbury.

The process of exhibiting has been a really interesting learning curve for me and it has been great to work on a collaborative finale with my fellow students.  I think the space we have created looks really effective and is a fantastic showcase of our work and individuality.

Throughout this project we have all worked independently on very different themes based on the Neuroscience topic, but when it came to preparing for the exhibition we all came together.

Once in the space, we each adopted an area and prepared the boards for the exhibition, stripping them down, filling and repairing before re-taping the seams ready for painting.  We then collectively painted them, working in a circuit making the most of the limited resources we had.  In the beginning the preparation for the exhibition seemed like a huge task, but by pulling together whilst working independently, the space very quickly emerged as a pretty impressive exhibition space.

IMG_2210 IMG_2211 IMG_2212 IMG_2213 IMG_2214 IMG_2215 IMG_2219 IMG_2220

When considering our individual exhibition space we discussed the amount and size of work we would be showing, before making the decision on who would go where.  This was a still a flexible decision until the day of installation, as for many of us, myself included, it was hard to visualise how the work would be positioned as well as juggling dimensions.

On the day of installation, I brought my husband along with me to help – which I’m incredibly glad I did, as I had totally underestimated how heavy my exhibition piece was.  It did however fit perfectly in the space I had decided on, which was great.  After the realisation of the weight of my piece, we brainstormed to figure out a way of fixing it to the space.  As my piece is a rug, my husband came up with the brilliant idea of fixing it with carpet grippers, then reinforcing it with screws.  This technique worked perfectly.


Seeing everyone else’s work installed looks amazing and it’s great to see the public reaction to our work on the days I have been in to man the exhibition.


We held a private view on Thursday night, which was a great success.  Organising drinks and sweetie bags for our guests, which were fantastically received.

IMG_2258 IMG_2259 IMG_2260


Anne-Marie Cadman…

This morning we have had an amazing talk by textile based artist, Anne-Marie Cadman.

Anne-Marie’s use of colour, layering and a range of textile techniques on both fabric and paper have produced some unique and truly beautiful pieces.

The mixture of freedom and structure within Anne-Marie’s work has really inspired me to experiment further on my Neuroscience project, and im looking forward to starting textiles in Mixed Media Practice.

For more examples of Anne-Marie’s stunning work click the link below:

Anne-Marie Cadman


Textual Analysis…

This afternoon we were introduced to the world of textual analysis.

We began by looking at the basics of analysing “text” and its various versions… Words, writing, literature as well as language and its many different forms… sound, sign, braille, music, English, picture and body.

A good example of textual analysis would be analysing a poem at school, where you follow set steps:

1. Starting with reading the poem through a couple of times.

2. Describe the poem.

3. Look at the techniques used – alliteration, rhymes, simile, onomatopoeia etc.

4 . Conclude, evaluate and form an interpretation of the poem.

Textual analysis links perfectly to Matthew Arnold (1822 – 1888) a Victorian poet and critic, who was considered to be the first ‘modern critic’.

He saw the work itself as a stand alone piece that should be emphasised, not the author or maker.

For information on Matthew Arnold’s The New Criticism check out this link: http://mural.uv.es/inpaso/newcriticsm.htm

As a class we looked at ‘The Birmingham Race Riot’ a screen print by Andy Warhol.

The Birminham Race Riot - Andy Warhol

As a group we textually analysed the print and came up with some really interesting ideas on a mind map that can be seen on the photos below…

Textual Analysis Mind Map Textual Analysis Mind Map


Neuroscience Presentation

Here is my presentation (for your ultimate pleasure!), based on the research I have done for my Neuroscience module so far….

The presentation is done in a PechaKucha style.  This technique was founded in 2003 by architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, in Tokyo.  It is a simple presentation format involving showing 20 images for 20 seconds each.

For more information visit http://www.pechakucha.org/


Grayson Perry – I Found Myself In The Art World

Today I listened to the clip below, one of the 2013 Reith Lectures, with guest speaker Grayson Perry.  One of 4 lectures he delivered as guest speaker that year, it really is one to listen to and has made me want to catch up with the other 3…!

His questioning of childhood creativity, and the importance of artistic therapy and ‘meaning making’ is fascinating.  As is a child’s view of contemporary artists being… ‘They notice things.’

Grayson delivers the lecture with an addictive gusto, that you can’t help but keep listening to.  Humour, poignancy and wise words from one of today’s greatest contemporary artists.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso


Articles and Exhibitions

Browsing through journals…

So today we headed to the library for a browse through the journals on offer.  I was intrigued by Crafts, The Magazine for Contemporary Craft – Issue 252.


In this journal I found several interesting pieces, including information on the upcoming exhibition COLLECT: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects which will occupy all three floors of the Saatchi Gallery from 8 to 11 May.


Alongside commercial galleries from across the globe, COLLECT offers an unique opportunity to individual artists or those working collaboratively, through COLLECT Open.

Print Making

Printing: The beginning…

Here are a few photos and processes summarising the start of my printmaking journey…